Support OKU Rights

Commit to "Make the Right Real"


Advocate together with us to Make the Right Real for persons with disabilities (OKU) in Malaysia.

To start, pledge your commitment to support the #OKURightsMatter advocacy movement for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Malaysian society.


Step 1: Pledge Your Support

Post an image of you holding a #OKURightsMatter placard on various social media platforms, with the hashtags #OKURightsMatter and #OKUMalaysia.

If you would like to create images of you with the placard without printing, here are two quick guides to assist you:

Remember to add alt-text or image description on your post.

Click on images below to download the placards in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese (two versions available):

Support OKU Rights Placard in English version 1  Support OKU Rights placard in Malay version 1  Support OKU Rights placard in Chinese version 1

Support OKU Rights placard in English version 2  Support OKU Rights placard in Malay version 2   Support OKU Rights in Chinese version 2

Description of the placards:

Both placards are in white background and have the same text in black. The header text reads: Disability Inclusion in Malaysia. Text in the middle of the placard reads: "I commit to full OKU inclusion in Malaysian Society". The bottom right corner of the placard features the name of the campaign, i.e., #OKURightsMatter Campaign and link to #OKURightsMatter website.

Version 1 of the placard features the #OKURightsMatter, Make the Right Real in Malaysia logo in black background and white text.

Version 2 of the placard features the #OKURightsMatter banner image in flame orange background and white text that reads OKU Rights Matter, Make the Right Real in Malaysia.


Step 2: Take Action

You can do more for inclusion of OKU in Malaysia. We need you! No actions are too small to influence the change we want to see.

Below are some actions you could take on today to realise the rights of persons with disabilities in Malaysia:

  1. Use the report and research findings on this website to advocate for change.
  2. Send us Disability-Advocacy related research conducted in Malaysia. We will add them to our resource library.
  3. Learn more about issues and challenges faced by persons with disabilities, and the ideas they have to make the world a better place to live in.
  4. Help persons with disabilities who are struggling to put food on the table.
  5. Speak to elected representatives in your constituency, i.e., MP, ADUN, Senators, about disability rights and disability inclusion.
  6. Talk to your residential community's leaders and workplace leaders about making the physical environment accessible and barrier-free.
  7. Create accessible documents, such as accessible word and pdf files.
  8. Make it a habit to add alt text to images that you use in your documents, webpages or social media posts.
  9. Add captions to videos that you post on social media. Major social media and video hosting platforms have options to add auto-generated captions to videos. Find out how you can do that from the respective platforms that you use. A better way is to add captions on your own, which ensures accuracy.
  10. Avoid using ableist language.
  11. Embrace different types of communication and do not demand people to communicate in spoken language only. Alternative ways to communicate face-to-face or virtually include: typing on digital device, writing on paper, using text-to-speech apps, Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, Malaysian Sign Language (BIM).
  12. Make your organisation's website accessible.
  13. Involve persons with disabilities in products and services that you create.