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    Disability rights are human rights. Advocating for the inclusion of persons with disabilities is a collective effort from all members of society. We need to listen to the disability community to effect meaningful change and true inclusion.



Make the Right Real in Malaysia

  • LISTEN TO ME! <span>I am here</span>

    LISTEN TO ME! I am here

    We have stories to tell about our rights, needs, hopes, dreams, joy, and pain. Listen to us when we speak, write, or sign. Engage us as experts in workshops, trainings, research, media interviews, consultation meetings, policy planning, etc. Start here
  • TALK TO ME! <span>I am here</span>

    TALK TO ME! I am here

    Talk to persons with disabilities directly, not to our aide, care partner / caregiver, Malaysian Sign Language (BIM) interpreter, or communication partner. Ask us if you are not sure if we prefer the term person with disability or disabled person. Ask us if you are not sure how to support us. But most importantly, talk to us about ordinary things and important issues, as you would to a friend, family, or colleague. Learn more
  • COUNT ME IN! <span>I am here</span>

    COUNT ME IN! I am here

    “Nothing About Us Without Us” Persons with disabilities are your family member, friend, neighbour, colleague, shopkeeper, local business owner, and delivery person. It could be the aunty, uncle or youngster in your community whom you often see. Involve us in conversations, event planning, designing products or places, service improvement, and more. Advocate together

#OKURightsMatter Project conducted a study to understand the voting preference of the disability community in Malaysia. More than 700 people responded to the survey, including persons with disabilities, their family members and any individuals supporting persons with disabilities.