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Job Coach

Supported Employment for Persons with Disabilities


Job Coach

Job Coaches support persons with disabilities to be gainfully employed in the open labour market. Job Coaches provide a range of individualized support for persons with disabilities both on and off the job, including:

  • Pre-employment preparation, such as job matching, writing and submitting a resume, preparing for job interview
  • Training persons with disabilities to master specific job tasks as well as general job skills, including clocking in, asking questions, requesting leave of absence, and good work habits
  • Helping persons with disabilities and employers to develop sustainable support systems and accommodations for skill gaps, such as clearly communicating work goals, checking work accuracy, organising and prioritising tasks, managing deadlines, etc.
  • Helping employee with disabilities to stay motivated through difficult times
  • Promoting disability-inclusive practices in the workplace of the person with disability, which may include conducting Disability Equality Training and addressing disability discrimination practices
  • Liaison/support person for the employer, the person with disability and her/his colleagues
  • Supporting persons with disabilities with self-advocacy and self-determination in the workplace


*Note: Resources linked are in English and pdf or webpage format, unless stated otherwise.

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